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Barefoot shoes have gained a lot of popularity, and not without reason. Because there are many reasons for barefoot shoes. The Asians have also discovered the market for themselves and launched some models called barefoot shoes. One of the brands is Voovix. I ordered the Voovix barefoot shoe* and took a closer look at it in the test. Is the Voovix barefoot shoe really good and possibly even an alternative to the expensive barefoot shoes?

The Voovix brand

The brand or manufacturer Voovix is a classic Asian brand. This means that there is usually no store of its own and very little information about the brand on the Internet. This is also the case with Voovix. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad about the quality of the products. In the end, a lot of products come from China. Even big brands have production there. In the field of barefoot shoes, for example, Vivobarefoot is a major brand that also produces in China.

Is the Voovix a barefoot shoe?

To judge whether the Voovix is a barefoot shoe, you should know the criteria of barefoot shoes:

KriteriumVoovix Barfußschuh
Zero settingYes
Thin soleYes, all right
Flexible soleYes, all right
Wide fitYes
Lightweight shoeYes
Erfüllt der Voovix Barfußschuh die Kriterien von Barfußschuhen? (Übersicht)

If you take a look at the table, you will notice that the Voovix barefoot shoe indeed fulfills almost all criteria completely. However, you will find the addition “okay” twice. What do I mean by that? This is specifically about the comparison with real or more expensive barefoot shoes. Let’s go further into the individual points in the course.

The Voovix barefoot shoe has a zero position

One of the most important factors for a barefoot shoe is the zero position. This describes that the heel is on the same level as your toes. This means that the foot is flat on the ground. This is also the case with our natural stance. That’s why it’s such an important point. The Voovix barefoot shoe* provides just that. We have no heel and a true zero stance.

The sole of the Voovix barefoot shoe

A small weakness is the sole of the Voovix shoe. As you can see in the table, I have added a “partial” to both points of the sole. Now before you think that’s completely bad, I’ll take the wind out of your sails.

Die Sohle des Voovix Barfußschuh von unten
The sole of the Voovix barefoot shoe from below

Compared to barefoot shoes of more expensive brands, the Voovix performs slightly worse here. Compared to conventional shoes, the Voovix is still an ideal choice and offers you an enormous added value. The sole of the Voovix barefoot shoe is quite flexible and not particularly thick.

Die Sohle und der komplette Voovix sind flexibel
The sole and the complete Voovix are flexible

The upper shoe of the Voovix barefoot shoe

In terms of stability and design, the Voovix barefoot shoe looks very good. Other Asian models perform worse here. The shoe is clearly more robust, which is also noticeable at first glance. The upper shoe is a bit thicker, which makes the shoe suitable for the colder seasons like fall and winter. The shoe is not waterproof, but there are waterproof socks with which you can get any barefoot shoe waterproof.

Especially in sports, barefoot shoes often show their weaknesses, because the demand there is very high. The rough use often quickly damages the shoes. Since the Voovix are more robust than other models and are also inexpensive, I can recommend them for use in sports. By the way, there are also good reasons for barefoot shoes in weight training.

The Voovix offers a wide fit

Bei Barfußschuhen geht es nicht nur um den guten sowie engen Bodenkontakt, sondern auch um Freiheit für die Füße. Auch hier machen die Barfußschuhe von Voovix ein sehr gutes Bild. Die Zehenbox ist weit geschnitten, womit die Zehen definitiv genug Platz haben. Hier könnten sich sogar manchmal hochwertige Marken etwas abgucken. Im diesem Punkt kann ich den Voovix also wärmstens empfehlen.

How is the barefoot feeling?

So the quality is right. But another very exciting question naturally revolves around the barefoot feeling. How does the Voovix barefoot shoe perform here? I am a very experienced wearer of barefoot shoes, as you can read in my story.

Compared to other big brands like Vivobarefoot or even Vibram, the Voovix barefoot shoes can definitely keep up in my opinion. The trend in barefoot shoes has now moved to a slightly thicker sole. Similar to the Voovix. Especially for beginners, the Voovix are also recommended in the point barefoot feeling with it.

With my favorite, the Sole Runner, these can not keep up, of course. However, the Sole Runner brand also trumps with a sole thickness of 2.5 millimeters and thus offers one of the thinnest soles. Here you really feel everything and feel like barefoot. For beginners, however, this can be a bit too much. I recommend shoes like the Voovix for beginners. You can find other models in my article for barefoot shoe beginners. If you are an experienced wearer of barefoot shoes, you should definitely check out my Sole Runner FX Trainer 4 review.

Conclusion – opinion and recommendation

So what does all this mean for you? If you are a beginner and don’t have much experience with barefoot shoes or maybe the barefoot feeling is not that important for you, then the Voovix barefoot shoes* are definitely a good choice for you. All the important points for a barefoot shoe are sufficiently fulfilled. Especially the zero position is for many already an enormous progress and good introduction to the subject of barefoot shoes.

Der Voovix Barfußschuh von oben sowie unten
The Voovix barefoot shoe from above as well as below

They sole and also the upper shoe have left a good impression in my test and convinced me. I was also surprised by the durability. Compared to the first Asian replicas has done a lot here. I see longevity here and the possibility for robust use.

I particularly like the look of the Voovix barefoot shoes. Compared to similar models, this is really well done. The shoe is in my view even suitable for everyday use, which can be maintained by the fewest cheap barefoot shoes. For sports, the shoe is very well suited anyway. There, the optics usually does not play the primary role.

Advantageous for beginners is here of course again the price. The barefoot shoes of the major manufacturers are significantly more expensive here, which often discourages the purchase of barefoot shoes.

Voovix Barfußschuhe*
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If you ordered the Voovix shoes and still need some tips for getting started, you should take a look at my article for getting started with barefoot shoes.

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