SAGUARO Barefoot Shoe – Test & Review

Barefoot shoes are rightly gaining more and more popularity. With this, prices are also falling and the range of affordable barefoot shoes is growing. This includes the SAGUARO barefoot shoes*. Anyone searching for barefoot shoes on Amazon will immediately come across this manufacturer. But is the cheap shoe also a good barefoot shoe? I bought the barefoot shoe from SAGUARO and took it in the test. In advance: The result of the field report is surprisingly positive.

The brand SAGUARO

Is SAGUARO a brand at all? Yes, of course it is a brand. However, this belongs to the classic China retailers. However, in my opinion, this does not directly mean something bad. You can buy the barefoot shoes from SAGUARO primarily on Amazon. Due to buyer protection and the good handling I would prefer the purchase via Amazon*. There is a separate store, but there it is difficult with returns.

Is SAGUARO a barefoot shoe?

The models are sometimes called and advertised as bathing shoes, outdoor shoes, water shoes, minimal shoes or even barefoot shoes. However, the models are identical. Probably one of the most important questions revolves around the shoe itself: Is the barefoot shoe from SAGUARO really a barefoot shoe? For this you need to know the criteria of barefoot shoes. If we look at these, the question can be answered: Yes, the SAGUARO is a barefoot shoe.

We have:

  • Zerodrop
  • Thin sole
  • Flexible sole
  • Wide cut
  • Light material
  • Breathable shoe

The sole

The SAGUARO barefoot shoe has a completely flexible sole, which has proven itself in the test. An important and convincing factor for any barefoot shoe. The sole of a barefoot shoe can be completely bent in itself, as you can see in the photo. This is one of the proofs of barefoot shoes. The flexibility is given in both versions of SAGUARO. I will go into the details later.

Die Sohle vom SAGUARO Barfußschuh ist flexibel
The sole of SAGUARO barefoot shoe is flexible

In addition, the sole is thin and the shoe has a zero position, which is probably the most important criterion for a barefoot shoe or minimal shoe. So we have no heel and stand flat on the ground. The ground contact and a barefoot feeling are given. The thickness of the sole is a very good choice, especially for beginners. Here SAGUARO can definitely keep up with popular manufacturers, which we had in other tests.

Die SAGUARO  kommen mit einer Einlegesohle
The SAGUARO come with an insole

The scope of delivery also includes an insole. This is also often available with expensive barefoot shoes. Here I’m talking about brands like Vivobarefoot or Sole Runner and Leguano. However, the insole is optional and can be removed from the shoe. I also advise this to get a better barefoot feel. Personally, I never wear insoles. For beginners, this may be comfortable.

Der Oberschuh (2 Varianten)

In the upper shoe, the inexpensive SAGUARO barefoot shoe is strongly reminiscent of the well-known FiveFingers from Vibram (review Vibram KSO Evo). These were probably the first barefoot shoes on the market. These are also known as toe shoes. Compared to the shoes of Vibram, however, the toes on the toe box at SAGUARO are not separated. Here, the toes are only marked off. Some Asian models also have this a bit more extreme. However, toe shoes do not offer an advantage in my opinion, as I have already explained in the comparison of barefoot shoes and toe shoes.

The upper shoe of the SAGUARO barefoot shoes is breathable. This is also a criterion for barefoot shoes and makes the shoe especially interesting for use in sports or hiking. Compared to other Asian models, we have a closed sole here. This is a small advantage especially in wet conditions. Some models have holes here, which let water through.

The SAGUARO is available in two variants. One has a slightly thicker upper shoe. The other is somewhat thinner. This can be seen quite quickly in the product pictures. Even if you are in a offer*, the variant can change when you change the color. However, both models are barefoot shoes. The thicker variant is just a bit warmer and more padded. Still, both have a zero setting and thin sole. The difference is in the upper shoe. On the picture you can see that even a little clearer.

Die SAGUARO gibt es in zwei Varianten
The SAGUARO is available in two variants

The weight of the models also clearly convinces in the test. The shoes are like air on the feet, as befits barefoot shoes. In size 45, the thin version weighs 220 grams. The thicker version weighs 232 grams in size 45. Both without insole.


The optics is probably a markel of many barefoot shoes. Compared to more expensive models, SAGUARO is somewhat behind here. For everyday life, the SAGUARO may not be the best choice. For the entry with barefoot shoes, for sports or even for hiking, however, this plays less of a role. Here trumps then in my opinion the price. In general, the look is also not completely reprehensible and of course always a question of personal taste.

Barefoot feeling

How is the barefoot feeling with the SAGUARO barefoot shoes? I can answer this question positively after my test. Especially for beginners, the barefoot feeling is very convincing. Very experienced wearers of barefoot shoes could possibly be somewhat disappointed by the running feeling here. I myself love the Sole Runner brand here, as you can read in my review of the Sole Runner FX Trainer 4. For beginners, a thin sole of 2.5 millimeters like the Sole Runner shoes can already be too extreme. Compared to the sole of Vivobarefoot or Vibram, SAGUARO can keep up in my opinion.

The freedom of movement is also an important point for barefoot and minimal shoes. With the SAGUARO this definitely comes into its own. The toe box is wide enough and does not restrict the toes when Bafußgehen: Toe freedom sufficiently available.

Gutes Barfußgefühl in den SAGUARO Barfußschuhen
Good barefoot feeling in the SAGUARO barefoot shoes

Overall, I thus give the barefoot feel of the SAGUARO a good rating. It is especially excellent for newcomers and beginners.

Conclusion – opinion and recommendation

All in all, I can recommend the barefoot shoes from SAGUARO* after my test. Especially if you are new to barefoot shoes, they are a good choice for you. You get a good picture of barefoot shoes and can experience or try the barefoot feeling with barefoot shoes at a reasonable price. Especially the price is tempting from my point of view. Even as a long-time wearer of barefoot shoes, I am satisfied after the practical test.

The high price of barefoot shoes is often a reason not to start. If you like the barefoot feeling, you can later switch to other models and also invest a little more for barefoot shoes. For the start with barefoot shoes I can also recommend the Merrel Vapor Glove 4. Visually, the shoes are much fancier, priced a bit more expensive. You can read more about this in my review of the Merrel Vapor Glove 4. The model has the advantage that it can also be worn in everyday life due to the nicer look. I personally wear the Vapor Glove 4 very often.

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