Feelgrounds Highrise – Test & Review

After the great success of the Feelgrounds Orignal barefoot shoes, the manufacturer has launched another model: Feelgrounds Highrise*. This of course made me curious. Is the model as beautiful as the sneaker? What is the barefoot feeling like? How well is the Highrise processed? Let’s have a look at the Feelgrounds Highrise in detail.

Are the Feelgrounds Highrise barefoot shoes?

Like the brand sneakers*, the Highrise*, are also barefoot shoes. For the evaluation, you should know the criteria of barefoot shoes. Here once in a nutshell:

  • Zero position (no heel; heel is on the ground)
  • Thin sole
  • Flexible sole and upper shoe
  • Light weight
  • Breathable
  • Wide toe box (could be wider; more on this in the course of the test report)

If we take a closer look at the shoes from Feelgrounds, we see that the points are met. This is by far not a matter of course. Especially cheap models from Asia are often called barefoot shoes by the manufacturers. That even if it is not the case. Legally, this is not a problem, since the term “barefoot shoe” is not protected. Theoretically, it can also be used to say that the shoes are simply worn without socks. Even at Netto there was (or is regularly) a shoe in the assortment, which is called barefoot shoe. However, this is not the case according to the definition of real barefoot friends.

Sole and barefoot feel of the Feelgrounds Highrise

The heart of a barefoot shoe is definitely the sole. The sole is the only boundary between the sole of the foot and the ground. Therefore, in barefoot shoes there are two goals for the sole:

  1. The sole must be thin!
  2. The sole must be flexible!

This is the case with the Highrise. The sole here is identical to the sneaker model. Thus, the barefoot shoes have a sole thickness of 5 millimeters. This corresponds to the standard of most manufacturers. Even the very well-known manufacturer Vivobarefoot usually relies on 5 millimeters.

Die Feelgrounds Highrise sind komplett flexibel
The Feelgrounds Highrise are completely flexible

However, the sole of the Feelgrounds is not only thin, but also flexible in any direction and thus completely flexible. A must for every barefoot shoe!

Personally, I am convinced by the sole of Feelgrounds. The barefoot feeling is very pleasant and also authentic. Of course, more is possible. But for some, that’s even too much. I myself am also a great friend of Sole Runner, especially the Sole Runner FX Trainer*. There is a sole of 2.5 millimeters there. You can read more about this in the review of the Sole Runner FX Trainer 4.

Die Sohle der Feelgrounds Highrise von unten (5mm)
The sole of the Feelgrounds Highrise from below (5mm)

The material of the sole I find the Feelgrounds very pleasant. Compared to the models from Vivobarefoot, I find the sole softer and therefore more pleasant on the foot. I am not talking about cushioning. The manufacturer relies here on TPE (thermoplastic elastomers).

Chic look and good quality

The upper shoe is basically the difference to the sneaker from Feelgrounds. Recycled PET is used here. This is different from the sneaker. The Highrise is completely animal-free and sustainably made. This makes the Feelgroungs Highrise also suitable for vegans.

Optisch ein Hingucker und wie ein normaler Schuh
Visually an eye-catcher and like a normal shoe

The Feelgrounds Highrise is also water-resistant, which is not the case with the sneaker. Here’s a little tip for other shoes: Waterproof socks make any barefoot shoe waterproof.

Optisch macht der Highrise meiner Meinung nach einen sehr schicken Eindruck. Mir gefällt besonders die moderne Art des Schuhs. Hier ist auch deutlich zu merken, dass die Gründer der Marke ein junges Team sind.Visually, the Highrise makes a very chic impression in my opinion. I particularly like the modern style of the shoe. Here it is also clearly noticeable that the founders of the brand are a young team.Optisch macht der Highrise meiner Meinung nach einen sehr schicken Eindruck. Mir gefällt besonders die moderne Art des Schuhs. Hier ist auch deutlich zu merken, dass die Gründer der Marke ein junges Team sind.

Die Feelgrounds Highrise zeugen von guter Qualität und Verarbeitung
The Feelgrounds Highrise testify to good quality and workmanship

The quality is also right, which is reflected in the appearance. The seams are all neatly finished and no glue spots can be seen. Overall, a very high-quality image. Especially the processing between the sole and upper shoe is to be emphasized, as many manufacturers have problems here. Here, most models also break down first.

In terms of durability, the Feelgrounds also cut a good figure. Since the Feelgrounds sneakers have accompanied me in everyday life for a long time, I can definitely say that.

The right size for the Feelgrounds Highrise

For the selection of the right size, the manufacturer provides a size chart. In addition, the manufacturer offers a PDF for printing, with which the correct size can be determined very easily and reliably. You can find the PDF for download at the size chart on the manufacturer’s page*.

Very exemplary, the manufacturer also specifies the inner sleeve length (ISL) and width of the toe box at this point. That is damn practical for the individual foot. This also shows that the manufacturer has really dealt with the issue. Enclosed is the size chart for men and women.

GrößeUSUKInnensohlenlänge (ISL)Zehenbox
407625,8 cm10,1 cm
418726,5 cm 10,2 cm
429827,1 cm10,4 cm
4310927,8 cm10,6 cm
44111028,5 cm10,7 cm
45121129,1 cm10,9 cm
4612,511,529,8 cm11,1 cm
47131230,5 cm11,3 cm
48141331,2 cm11,4 cm
49151431,8 cm11,6 cm

Feelgrounds Highrise – Men Size Chart
GrößeUSUKInnensohlenlänge (ISL)Zehenbox
366423,1 cm9,4 cm
3774,523,8 cm 9,5 cm
387,5524,5 cm9,7 cm
398625,1 cm9,9 cm
409725,5 cm10,1 cm
4110826,5 cm10,2 cm
42118,527,1 cm10,4 cm
4311,5927,8 cm10,6 cm
Feelgrounds Highrise – Size Chart for Women

Preis der Feelgrounds Highrise

The Feelgrounds Highrise* are priced at 119 euros (as of May 2022). I always find it interesting when people get excited about the price of barefoot shoes. I myself have also paid 100 to 150 euros for my footwear before the time of barefoot shoes. Quality and sustainability has its price. This is true for conventional shoes, as well as barefoot shoes. I have also written a separate article on the price of barefoot shoes: Why are barefoot shoes so expensive?

Who really cares about barefoot shoes should even be glad that a few manufacturers are dedicated to the topic. There are certainly more lucrative lines of business. In the end, this also includes supporting the manufacturers by buying them.

Especially with the Feelgrounds, the price is also noticeable in the quality and thus longevity. I myself have also tested a lot of models from Asia. Here, looks and durability are a big issue. Of course, in addition to the aspect of sustainability.

My opinion of the Feelgrounds Highrise

I myself am thrilled as with the Feelgrounds sneakers. You get an authentic barefoot feel with an elegant and modern look. The Feelgrounds Highrise feel like conventional shoes, which is a great factor especially for beginners.

Die Feelgrounds Highrise am Fuß
The Feelgrounds Highrise at the foot

The only point, which I must note, is the toe box. With very wide feet can be a little narrower. However, the manufacturer is already working to change that. Advantageous here is in any case the flexible material of the upper shoe. So the shoes do not squeeze the foot too much.

Personally, I can recommend the Feelgrounds Highrise* with a clear conscience and full conviction for beginners and also advanced.

Wo kannst du die Feelgrounds Highrise kaufen?

Feelgrounds sells its shoes exclusively through its own shop. Feelgrounds cannot be found on Amazon or other marketplaces. Feelgrounds is also not available in retail stores. But you probably didn’t expect that either.

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