Feelgrounds Droptop – Test & Review

The third model of the Feelgrounds. A slip-on barefoot shoe. Low cut without lacing. Personally, I’m a big fan of shoes that can be put on quickly. Thus, the Droptop come in handy for me. Let’s see if the Feelgrounds Droptop* are as convincing as the Feelgrounds Original and Feelgrounds Highrise.

Are the Feelgrounds Droptop barefoot shoes?

To answer this question, you should know the characteristics of barefoot shoes:

  • Zero sole (completely flat sole)
  • Thin sole
  • Completely flexible in the sole and upper shoe
  • Light weight
  • Breathable
  • Wide toe box (There are small comments here in the test report)

If we take a quick look at the Feelgrounds droptop, we can see that the points are fulfilled. But let’s go into a little more detail about the individual points. Of course, the sole and also the toe box of the barefoot shoes are particularly interesting.

Sole and barefoot feeling at the Feelgrounds Droptop

In the first step, let’s take a look at the sole of the Droptop model. After all, the sole is the heart of every barefoot shoe. There are three key points to fulfill here:

  • Zero setting / no heel
  • Thin sole
  • Flexible sole

The first point may not belong directly to the sole. But so be it. The point is fulfilled! The Feelgrounds Droptop, like the other models of the brand, have a zero position. means the heel is on the same level as the toes. The least for a shoe that is supposed to be a barefoot shoe. In fact, the sole of the Droptop is also identical to that of the Original and Highrise.

Sohle der Feelgrounds Droptop von unten
Sole of the Feelgrounds Droptop from below

The thickness of the sole can also be seen in the Feelgrounds Droptop. The basic rule for barefoot shoes is: the thinner the sole, the more authentic the barefoot feeling. As with its predecessors, the Droprop has the identical sole. Here, the focus is on a sole thickness of 5 millimeters. This has become a classic sole thickness for barefoot shoes. One of the best-known manufacturers, Vivobarefoot, also relies on a sole of 5 millimeters for most models.

Die Sohle der Feelgrounds Droptop ist komplett Flexibel
The sole of the Feelgrounds Droptop is completely Flexible

In the Feelgrounds Droptop the sole is not only thin, but also completely flexible. The sole can be bent and turned in any direction. Thus, the adaptation to the ground is guaranteed and a good barefoot feeling is provided. In the photo you can see the classic proof photo of barefoot shoes, which I always do with pleasure.

I personally like the sole of the Feelgrounds in general. I was already convinced here during the test of the Feelgrounds Orignal. The barefoot feeling of the Feelgrounds Highrise confirmed me afterwards.

The barefoot feeling is convincing, pleasant and authentic. Although more is possible, I find it successful and good. Even as an advanced fan of barefoot shoes, I wear the Feelgrounds very gladly and frequently. As you can read in the post “About Me”, I’ve been exclusively in barefoot shoes for many years.

If you’re looking for a more extreme barefoot feel, you’ll probably have to reach for Sole Runner’s barefoot shoes. Here I can recommend the Sole Runner FX Trainer*, which you can read about in my review of the Sole Runner FX Trainer 4, among other things. The manufacturer Sole Runner works with 2.5 millimeters and thus processes the thinnest sole to my knowledge. However, this can be too extreme for beginners.

Feelgrounds Droptop Toe Box

The toe box of the Feelgrounds Droptop could be a bit wider in my opinion. However, I myself also have a very wide foot, which raises the claim. I have also reported my opinion to the manufacturer. The reaction was very positive and we will definitely get something else here at Feelgrounds.

Anyone who has Feelgrounds or at least had it in his hand, knows how the Droptop model sits on the foot. The sole and fit is very similar to the original model. For my personal feeling even cut a little wider. However, the feeling can also come from the type of barefoot shoe. We have here no laces, sonden a pleasant slip-on, which also has the consequence that the shoe is even more stretchy than the Feelgrounds Original.

Style and quality

Of course, the design is always a question of taste. I can imagine that the Droptop does not meet everyone’s taste. Personally, the shoes have honestly not directly appealed to me right away, because it is not my style. Allerings could catch me the shoe in the course of the test. They are comfortable and loose. In my opinion, a really cool summer shoe. Basically one thing, which is still somewhat rare in my range of Bafußschuhen. Especially with shorts, the Feelgrounds Droptop make a casual and nice look. The low weight and the open fit play to the summer feeling positively.

Die Feelgrounds Droptop am Fuß
The Feelgrounds Droptop on the foot

The quality of the Feelgrounds is convincing, as with the other models. The shoes are not glued cheaply. No traces of glue or remnants can be found. From my first Feelgrounds I can say that even after a long time they still make a very good picture and are stable. Unfortunately for me, I have to admit that I am not very careful with my things. However, this can be an advantage for you, because you know that the Feelgrounds are really robust and can withstand a lot.

Die Feelgrounds Droptop sind gut verarbeitet
The Feelgrounds Droptop are well made

Another interesting feature of Feelgrounds is the material. The manufacturer uses recycled material for the upper shoe and the sole. In my opinion, a positive point to highlight.

How well do the slip-ons hold on the foot?

The Droptop* are slip-ons. Means the shoes do not have to be tied. Thus, the barefoot shoes are theoretically also looser. Here, however, the model has proven itself in the test. The slippers hold firmly on the foot due to the stable rubber. At the same time, they do not press, but also do not flap. In my opinion, very well implemented.

Personally, I like shoes that can be put on and taken off very quickly. Since I wear barefoot shoes, I have become more and more lazy to put on shoes. This makes it much easier with the loafers. I think here I am not alone in the boat.

Right size for the Feelgrounds Droptop

To find the right size for you, the manufacturer provides you with a size chart. By the way, this is identical for all models of the brand Feelgrounds. You can also determine your size with the help of a PDF, which you can find at the size chart on the manufacturer’s website*.

GrößeUSUKInnensohlenlänge (ISL)Zehenbox
407625,8 cm10,1 cm
418726,5 cm 10,2 cm
429827,1 cm10,4 cm
4310927,8 cm10,6 cm
44111028,5 cm10,7 cm
45121129,1 cm10,9 cm
4612,511,529,8 cm11,1 cm
47131230,5 cm11,3 cm
48141331,2 cm11,4 cm
49151431,8 cm11,6 cm

Feelgrounds Droptop – Size Chart for Men
GrößeUSUKInnensohlenlänge (ISL)Zehenbox
366423,1 cm9,4 cm
3774,523,8 cm 9,5 cm
387,5524,5 cm9,7 cm
398625,1 cm9,9 cm
409725,5 cm10,1 cm
4110826,5 cm10,2 cm
42118,527,1 cm10,4 cm
4311,5927,8 cm10,6 cm
Feelgrounds Droptop – Size Chart for Women

Are the Feelground Droptop recommendable?

Personally, the Feelgrounds convinced me in the test. This makes it the third model in the bunch. I personally like the lightness of the barefoot shoe. In addition, the fallibility and thickness of the sole are convincing. The barefoot feeling is also good for me as an experienced and long-time wearer of barefoot shoes. For my part, I can recommend the Feelgrounds Droptop* with a clear conscience.

Feelgrounds Droptop - Ein cooler Sommer Barfußschuh
Feelgrounds Droptop – A cool summer barefoot shoe

In fact, I’m very pleased that the manufacturer was able to convince me of the nature of the shoe. As I said, I like shoes that can be quickly put on and taken off. A good job and thus praise to the manufacturer.

If you don’t have Feelgrounds yet, you should definitely check out the shop*. The other models are also very convincing, if the loafers are not your kind of shoe. There are also articles with photos about the other models in the magazine.

Where can I buy the Feelgrounds Droptop?

You can buy the Feelgrounds Droptop, like the other models of Feelgrounds, exclusively in the store of the manufacturer. You won’t find Feelgrounds on Amazon, Zalando or other marketplaces. You won’t be able to find Feelgrounds in retail stores either. My guess is that the Feelgrounds will not find their way there either.

Is there a coupon code for Feelgrounds Droptop?

No, unfortunately I can’t offer you a coupon for the Feelgrounds Droptop or the other models. The manufacturer does not work with coupons, which is understandable on one side. So you have to get the shoe for the normal price*, or wait for promotions and offers. Follow me on Facebook, then you will always know when Feelgrounds has discounts.

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